Thursdays  |  13:05 - 13:35  |  St Nicholas Cole Abbey

The lunchtime talks


Our weekly lunchtime talks are central to our vision of making Jesus known in the City.

We meet on Thursday lunchtimes for a short talk from the Bible. Whether you’re a sceptic, enquirer or a Christian believer – we’d love you to join us.

What goes on?

1.05pm   |   Welcome and a Bible reading
1.10pm   |   A short talk from the Bible
1.30pm  |   A chance to discuss and ask questions
1.40pm  |   Close

How can I attend?

Our meetings are held in person at St Nicholas Cole Abbey, EC4V 4BJ. Find us.
They are also streamed live on YouTube.

What if I don't work in the area?

There are many more lunchtime talks taking place across the City each week.  Visit Gospel at Work for more information.

Why attend a lunchtime talk?


The lunchtime talks offer four opportunities:

1. Stand

The talks offer an opportunity for you to publicly identify with the gospel. This allows you to be known publicly as a follower of the Lord Jesus and for questions to be asked of what you heard at the talks.

2. Bring

The talks offer a public and free opportunity for anyone to hear God’s word being taught, that they might know Jesus too. Each week, you can bring along colleagues to hear a clear talk from the Bible about Jesus.

3. Grow

The gospel saves us but also keeps us and builds us up to live for Jesus. The workplace is one of the hardest places to be a Christian, but also the place where we can be most distinctive. So we aim to strengthen believers in the gospel to live distinctive and gospel-adorning lives for Jesus in the workplace.

4. Speak

The workplace provides abundant opportunities to make Jesus known. So we want to help believers to see the huge opportunity of the workplace and then to make the most of it. When believers are built, trained and fired up with the gospel, then we trust that they will go out and speak the gospel at work, at home and wherever else they go, with great conviction that God works powerfully through his word.