Thursdays 1.05pm, on Zoom.

Making Jesus known in the City.

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Welcome to the St Nick’s Talks

Thursdays at 1.05pm on Zoom

It’s our hope and prayer that many people, particularly those who work in the City, will come to know the Lord Jesus through the ministry of The St Nick’s Talks. Please come and join us. 

Current Series 

January 14th | Matthew 5:27-30
January 21st | Matthew 5:27-32
January 28th | Matthew 5:33-37
February 4th | Matthew 5:38-42
February 11th | Guest talk
February 18th | Matthew 5:43-48
February 25th | Matthew 6:1-6
March 4th | Matthew 6:7-15

Christianity Explored 

Monday 15th, 22nd February & 1st March

6pm - 7pm on Zoom

Who is Jesus? Why did he come? What does it mean for me?

Join us online for a three-week course and a chance to consider Mark’s gospel.