I Am New Here

Who Are We?

DSC_0513We welcome people at any stage of Christian understanding, whether you would call yourself a Christian or are simply interested in finding out more about the Christian faith. We are part of a larger Christian charity called St Nicholas Cole Abbey, Centre for Workplace Ministry (SNCA). As the name suggests, SNCA exists to be a centre in the heart of the City for workplace ministry. It currently consists of three lunchtime talks: Fleet Street, St Nick’s and London Bridge Network. SNCA is supported by the sacrificial and generous giving of our partners.


Lunchtime Talks


At the St Nick’s Talks we believe that we hear God speak to us today as the Bible is taught. For this reason we use our main weekly meeting to listen to a part of the Bible read and explained in a way which is accessible for everyone. So, whether you are a committed believer or an interested observer you are almost most welcome to join us.


Partnership Groups


Amongst the busyness of working life near St Paul’s we want to take the time to stop and think about what we hear each week from God’s word, so we meet on Wednesday mornings at St Nicholas Cole Abbey from 8.10 – 8.50am to ‘go deeper’ in our thinking about the passage from the previous week’s talk. This helps us to better support and pray for another as we seek to live and speak for Jesus in the City.